Angels / Voices – My Experience. 

Really insightful and detailed, really worth reading even just to educate yourself on what hallucinations actually are. They’re more than just something you can ignore, they’re as real to you as the ground we walk on.

My Anxiety Diaries


If you’re sensitive to the topic of voices/hallucinations then please don’t read on if it might trigger something off as I will be going into my personal experience.

I started taking the antipsychotic meds yesterday and I’m 100% sure that the amount wouldn’t have done anything, but I felt so tired yesterday, had a good night’s sleep and actually woke up with the weirdest urge to talk about them.

Oh the psychological mysteries of the Brain.

Last year, I had an assessment and woman asked me all sorts of questions about my past, which was awkward and uncomfortable. She started talking about internal and external hallucinations and because I was obsessing over the thought of not telling her anything, it wasn’t processing what the difference was.

It sounds ridiculous as to how I wasn’t understanding as the key to internal is (in)ternal. Inside your head. And the…

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